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    There are three main types of communication:  Gestural, Spoken & Graphic. The first two need close contact to work and after that specific moment, it is gone forever. 


    Graphic communication, on the other hand, changed everything. it became possible for the first time for a message to be relayed and seen beyond a single place in time. Of course, it has become a very powerful tool for shaping the world and how we live in it. Really, we do the same with today’s platforms using our icons and emojis to communicate. Perhaps someday our descendants might study today’s designs without knowing their purpose just like we do with Egyptian Hieroglyphs!





    Based on the definition from Webster dictionary,  graphic design is the art or profession of using design elements to convey information or create an effect. It is also a product of this art. We can say that it is visually communicating an idea, thought, message or meaning, to create, inspire, teach, persuade, inform, entertain, enhance or even change. Although the term was not coined until 1922, the history of conveying messages by images and typography goes back a long way.. --  as in back to cave painting days, like 30.000BC! But I will spare you from too much more of a history lesson.


     You may have noticed a slight Egyptian feel to my website. Just a little bit right? For years I have been obsessed with ancient civilizations and art history. At some point, I realized what an impact the first clay tablets and the development of papyrus made on the world, and it just felt like a perfect and natural representation of my business. The first symbols made it possible for complex texts to become readable, not to mention, pleasant to look at, and that is what I am all about!





    About 5 years ago I was back in my hometown taking care of my Grandmother, Dot, who had dementia. After a stroke, I was put in charge of "forcing" her to stay active and do her physical therapy; which of course, I made art related. She hated it but loved me, so she indulged me usually. One day we were painting and she was frustrated and she goes, why can't you make art on that computer of yours and leave me the hell alone!? 😆


         💡⚡️ MASSIVE Lightbulb Moment for Me! That was the beginning of GG.


    Anywayyyy, My Passion is dragging meaningful, impactful brands out of people. I am a self-starter with immense ambition - a self-taught Graphic Artist, A Self-Published Author, a Houseplant 🌵 Enthusiast, and Momma to four, cute but creepy, albino, African Clawed Frogs 🐸  - currently based in beautiful Niagara Falls, NY. 


             Let's create something amazing together!

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