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We Don't Do Fast Fashion Here.

( Unless you are talking about our shipping. )

Have you ever looked into what happens to America's discarded clothing? 

It's scary AF. 😳😭😭

We could easily dropship some synthetic fabric junk to make a buck..

But we care enough to not add to the problem. 

fast fashion.jpg

GG does custom clothing and home décor with an aim to help you with your brand awareness and to create environmentally friendly specialty gifts for people you love. All Designs here were first created for someone with love, intention and some GG Razzle Dazzle, before being added to the shop.

We love bringing your ideas to life. Our main focus will always be the design and doing what we can

to help fight the climate crisis.

Our products are made and shipped in the US and made from 100% cotton or organic and recycled materials whenever possible & Every item we offer can be customized with your ideas, colors or image.

A portion of all profits goes to the clean up efforts. Learn more here:

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