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Creating products with Canva & Print on Demand

If you ever wanted to learn how to design your own products or clothing, then you are in the right place. One thing you’ll learn about me is that I’m a DIY’er to the core. I love to find new ways to create things both physically and digitally. I have had my online clothing shops and custom pattern and prints services running as a side hustle along side my graphic design business for years. It has recently become even more of a passion of mine, to set stores up for others and teach them how to create their own products.

Side Note: There are a lot of different options when it comes to sourcing your products, and we will get more in depth in that in the future, but for now, let's just focus on your design. I dislike all the added fluff people put into their tutorials, so we aren't going to do that here or in the Corner!

You will need free versions of both Canva and Printify to do this, and while it is possible from a phone, a laptop is better. Also, better for our Weekend Corner Workshops in Spatial Chat (Which is a more fun version of Zoom) If you stumbled across this blog and have no idea what I am talking about but still want to be a part of it all (Yassssss!) just email me here. Anyway, we do live workshops weekly, showcasing different products and everything it takes to create and market your art.

Feel free to book mark our 24/7 Virtual Co-Working Space to use whenever you like:

Our members pop in and out, share screens, work on collab projects, host meetings, group training sessions and even virtual birthday parties. Sometimes we have music on or it's a "Pain's & Gains Vent Session" or just casual chatting while we work independently. We wanted a safe space for creatives and small business owners to come together to grow and learn new skills. Come join the fun!

SO ok onto the actual meat and taters of this post!

Here is a look at some of my recent projects created with print on demand services..

I promise it is easier than it looks. You ready? Let's Dive into Canva!

-- Keep in mind, I do pay for pro, so some screens may look different and there are some features a free account may not have access too.. but honestly, I know all the hacks* - so if there is something you can't do.. just reach out. I probably know a work-around.

* Comes from being self taught & years of Youtube University! Ha!

I want to do the hot & cold color changing mugs for my galaxy themed shop. I can show you one I have already created, and then we can build one together so you can see the full process.

Now let's take a closer look at the individual elements of the design as we create one for the sign, Aquarius.

& then we layers them all together to create our second design in the series..I also added some spacey blue elements to make the image pop more.. you will see why later..

Here is the final version:

I will post the full series when I get them all done.. but let's take a look at the steps now on Printify to upload to the product and add it to our store.

Sign up for your Free Printify Account & check out the catalog to get some idea of the ways you can be creative.

As you can see from the catalog, the possibilities are endless but we are starting with mugs and working out way up to some of the harder to design projects as our workshops progress or inside the Inner Circle Group.

Once you pick your product.. click on it to pull up more details and pay attention here cause this next part can severely affect your profits.

When you are ready click on the green "start designing" button and the product will launcher will open with a template for you to arrange your designs on.

Sometimes, when you upload a design and preview it.. you won't like it. That is ok, and an easy fix. Above I mentioned I added some blue to the design.. It's because it was to faded out on the white mug. Check out the revised design in the photos below.

& Re-uploaded with the new design:

This next part is important, remember we talked about remembering the shipping cost for later when you set your prices... this is it! Edit your price to include shipping and a small profit for your efforts. If you are unsure about the price you should a quick google search to see what other shops are selling them for.

Another reason to love Printify is that it automatically integrates with my Wix store and they even pre-populate it with title and description. Make sure you edit it to your liking because they tend to be a bit generic.

& a look at how it shows when it automatically loads into my Wix Store.

I spent a few more minutes with the images in Canva to make this graphic with our mock ups, some fun word effects and a space background to use on the website and on social media posts.

Join us Sunday's at 8PM EST for live work shops covering everything design & POD related here: Creative Corner Spatial Chat

Or reach out to me! I would love to chat with you about your ideas and help you get started!

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