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Psychology of Colors in Branding

Now that you have learned more about the different types of logos, You should be starting to get some idea of what your mark might be.. let's go over the colors & fonts and why they are so important.

So what is the big deal about brand colors? Why does everyone talk about the Psychology of Colors when it comes to branding your business and how do you know what to choose?

I know..there are a million colors and it can seem overwhelming. Imagine how it is for someone who is color blind! Don't worry we are going to go over the basics. If it still doesn't make any sense to you, or doesn't at least peak your interests as a DIYer.. Reach out. Color Palettes are a specialty of GG.

Let's dive in. I made it colorful and more visually pleasing to hopefully make it more digestible. Ha! Here we go!

Read the infographic below to help you narrow down a color scheme for your brand and to learn about how different colors can bring out certain emotions in people.

Now check out how many popular brands use the emotions that colors can cause in their branding with the next infographic..

Next Up.. Let's take an even deeper dive in to the most popular colors used in business..

Keep in mind these are semi-vague examples to keep the infographic brief but informative and color, as art, is always open to interpretation.. ^.^

I'm sure you were imaging some of your favorite brands and products while reading that one right? Were they on point? Let us know which brands tapped into your psyche in the comments and the associated color. I bet it will be the same ones for a lot of us. Do you see how colors in branding and advertising can have a powerful trigger in our memories?!

& then finally one more for the road before we dig into fonts..

Here is a break down of some colors reflecting both positive and negative emotions associated with it.

What colors speak to you the most?

What will represent your brand and industry the best?

Let us know in the comments what color combo you are thinking about going with.. or what is your favorite to work with?

I love using black with a deep metallic gold. But have a hard time sticking to just one or two color palettes. They all call to me like, use meeee. I match!

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